About Us

Luthier Gregg Nelson is not a newcomer to the guitar business. In 1975 Gregg started a three year apprenticeship under Chuck Orr, a well known guitar builder in Minneapolis, who built guitars for Prince and many other fine musicians. Gregg then decided to get into the business for himself, and the G A Nelson Guitar Company came into existence. As an accomplished guitar player, Gregg applied his desire for superior quality and sound to building great guitars. Gregg has built hundreds of guitars and basses, and they have been used on many recordings of well known artists over the years. Indeed, the G A Nelson guitars are known for being well built, great looking, and sounding.

Gregg loves playing and building guitars and improving the design of these fine instruments. In the last few years Greggs focus has been on improving the resonance and sound transfer between the neck and body. Gregg felt that not much progress or improvement has been made in that area since the “neck through” design, which, while better than previous designs, still has its short comings in sound transfer. Gregg decided to concentrate his efforts in the neck-body joint area. He wanted to maximize the connecting surface area between the neck and body, using shelving surfaces and shapes to benefit the sound transfer all the way from the peghead through the body of the guitar. The result is our new patented neck joint design called the ” V-Lock” neck joint. It delivers superior sound, sustain, and resonating quality that the performer can hear and feel. We have incorporated this new neck design in the new guitars and basses being built by our company.

As the new V-Lock design was incorporated into the neck, it became apparent that this would add to the beauty and mystique of these instruments. G A Nelson guitars truly are beautiful, and the quality of workmanship is very high. The owner will be very pleased with this fine instrument.